At Global eLearning Labs we offer an array of solutions, services, tools, courses, and resources for educators, creatives, and tomorrows change makers. With 25 years experience in education technology, and design we strive to develop products and test prep, that aligns with the modern day learner. We are also the creator of Scrub Ninjas®, the first ever test prep video game for premed (MCAT) and high school AP exams. No matter where you are on your path, we are here to support you through our consulting services, Instructional design and development offerings and our academy. Join us! And make your mark matter.

With Respects,
Raven Meyers

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Our goal is simple, we want to create a variety of test prep options, for freestyle learners. A mobile & modern test prep for learning through rapid recall and repetition through gamification!

Scrub Ninjas® Video Game App & Online Courses

Conquer your exams by playing this action-packed video game designed to make learning fun. You can study alone, with groups, or online. It’s your choice!

Our content is tailor-made for the MCAT & AP Exams (A full range of high yield questions like the actual exam) based on the content guidelines from the AAMC (MCAT). For those of you who would enjoy a slower pace, or an additional study tool, please check out our online courses for AP Biology, AP Psychology, and MCAT Review.



Global eLearning Labs offers a full suite of media services for digital learning, visual design, and education technology. Wherever you are on your path as an educator, we are here to help you thrive and rise as an educator. Below is a list of our services and offerings.

  • eLearning Strategy & Discovery Session
  • Branding & Brand Strategy Sessions
  • Course Design & Development
  • Course & Training Material Development
  • Caption & Annotation (Subtitles for Lessons)
  • Design Services
  • Educational Apps (iOS | Android)
  • Gamification
  • LMS Design & Development (Learning Management System)
  • Membership Portal & Community Development
  • Slide Deck Design
  • Special Needs & Autism Focused Learning Design (Raven’s Specialty Area)
  • Video & Audio Production for Video Lessons
  • Web Design (WordPress Only)
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Raven is a business and pedagogical guide, with a unique combination of spirit, conviction and knowledge about what it takes to design, construct and launch a successful online educational experience that is financially sustainable and socially impactful.  Her dichotomous attention to detail and big picture provides holistic support and assurance to organizations that have a vision to teach the world, and can apply the experience and tools that Raven has accumulated over the years. Working with Raven has provided innumerous insights, learnings and opportunities for our team and our company to continue evolving in our quest to positively impact the world through regenerative agriculture thought leadership.

Paul Bergman | Executive Chairman , Advancing Eco Agriculture | Academy Regen.AG

Gorgeous presentation, art style and don’t get me started about the music – meditative and mindful – perfect for studying and concentration. Overall – a polished piece of indie gaming that you should be proud of. 

Arun Matthews, M.D Internal Medicine, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center

Working with Raven was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. It’s not often you find a leader that is committed not only to the success of the project, but also the personal success of each of the team members. With a heart as big as her dreams the constant commitment to service she dedicates to each venture is inspiring. Her work ethic and ability to execute is unparalleled it was a privilege working with her while I did. I can honestly say that any project she puts her mind to is the safest investment a person can make.

Tess A. Rusin , Senior Government Public Affairs